Carlos Beltran: Road Warrior

7_18_beltran_grand_slam_swing7_18_beltran_grand_slam_god_props_copy Thank you Carlos. Thank you Pelfrey. Welcome back Reyes!

Two grand slams in two consecutive games? Not too shabby #15! I’ve always thought Beltran was a key to the Mets’ success on the road, even though his outings at Shea tend to be less exciting. Still, our first Carlos has been underrepresented in these pages here. He’s got one of the best eyes on the team, and great discipline at the plate. A one man walk-a-thon. When he’s not HITTING IT OUT OF THE PARK, that is. At 77 RBIs, Beltran’s now tied with David Wright for the most in the clubhouse. Bravo, dear Carlito! 

7_18_pelfreyAnd how ’bout the kid becoming only the third Mets pitcher–and the first in 37 years–to win his first two consecutive Major League starts? I would pat you on your back, Mike Pelfrey, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t reach it. You be tall.

At a time when we need good starters like Michael Jackson needs a good psychiatrist, Pelfrey lowered his pitch count significantly to 98 in 6 innings and impressively got out of a few tough jams–especially in the 5th inning, when he struck out Adam Dunn to avoid loading the bases. With two fiery fastballs at his disposal (in the postshow, Ron Darling called them a "four stitch" and a "two stitch"), the kid’s just fun to watch.

Add in the X-Man’s 13th home run of the season and Valentin’s first right hand home run of the season (both solos), and I’d say it was a dang enjoyable game. Reyes may be a tad rusty, but he says he felt fine hitting, which is a good sign he’ll stay in the lineup and return to his leading man (make that leadoffing man) status soon.

Okay, so joy joy happy joy, right? Yeah, um, have you seen how the Braves are doing lately? They’ve been making double digit games look as easy as tying their shoes (enter your own Mike Pelfrey comment here).  We’ve got nine more games against Atlanta before the season ends. I’m choosing to believe that this new Brave threat will keep the fire lit under our boys’ derrieres and make sure they stay playing sharp.

Traxie in tonight trying to win his eighth straight start. He’ll probably get in a tough pickle or two, but here’s hoping our man can set everything right in the end.

Let’s Go Mets!




One comment

  1. Zoe

    Hmmm–the preshow tonite listed Beltran’s RBIs at 78, which puts him at the top! Last nite they said 77. Don’t stop now, Beltran–get as many more RBI tonight as you like!

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