A question…and some photos!

Nathan_visor_1 This season at Shea, amongst my giveaway loot, I received a free Nathan’s Mets visor, which is cute as a button. PLUS, I love to promote Nathan’s, since my mom grew up in Brighton Beach, so Nathan’s is a part of my family history.

But here’s the thing. I’ve tried all sorts of ways of making the Mets/Nathan’s visor look good on me. It just doesn’t.

The only way I can look cute in my snappy visor is to wear high pigtails, jutting out of the top of my head. I will be the first to tell you that I am too old to have pigtails jutting out of my head. I’m barely getting away with low pigtails as it is.

My next game at Shea is Friday night. What do we think: Can I get away with high pigtails? Not your usual expertise, perhaps, but every opinion counts. Be honest!

And as long as we’re on an off day with no game to talk about tonight, I thought I’d post these fun pictures from my book party, held back in mid-june at downtown NYC hot spot, People Lounge. (I’m the one with the long curly hair!) The event was covered by popular media outlet, My Camera, also responsible for bringing you much Mets coverage in the past!

Picture_001_1 Picture_008_1

Picture_013_3Picture_0191_3 Picture_026_6



  1. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Let’s see I guess no pigtails .. I have issues with those and even worse if they are high LOL… how about down low cute braids?
    Nice pics by the way 🙂

    When was the book published?


  2. Zoe

    Desire, the book was published on June 6th. So far we’ve gone back for a second printing, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for continued sales!

    I’ll see what braids look like. I gotta figure something out for this visor!

  3. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Cool deal girl! && Crossing fingers for you &&
    I read some reviews and people love it 😉

    Now I’m curious …

    BTW, Put up a pic of the visor


  4. Edward

    Hmmm.. I’m a buzzcut guy, so I wouldn’t listen to my advice on pig tails! But what about that Pelfrey hanging tough last night! I loved it when he blew away Dunn w/ two on in the fifth. Beltran is really having an awesome year too.
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


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