A letter from Zoë. Plus, Goatee Watch 2006.

Picture_078_3Picture_064 Dear Mets: If you lose a few games here and there (before the playoffs) but keep us 12 games ahead in the NL East? I’m okay with that. Just let me know what I can do to get the pitchers of the world to–oh, I dunnoSTOP HITTING CLIFF! Friday’s game resulted in yet another bean to my beloved #30’s upper arm in the 8th inning, thankfully on the pad. What is this, Major League Pin The Ball On The Cliffy? Eleven times my man has been hit. Eleven times.

And yesterday’s game? Well, the 6th inning rocked. Another triple from our other Jose, Mr. Valentin, followed by a walk for our ever-watchful Beltran, and then (finally!) an RBI single for Carlos Delgado, who’s been having a bit of a drought lately. Next, a walk for Cliffy, and finally a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am whizzer from Endy Chavez that nearly killed a seagull and brought in one more run.

Let’s not talk about the rest of that game, shall we?

Because we’ve got other matters to discuss. 

Picture_072 So David Wright, you’re growing a goatee, hmmm? I noticed some stubble on the Letterman appearance and did wonder if our resident clean-cutter was aiming to add some bad boy to his image. But now? He’s going hard core! Joining the ranks of the many ball players who’ve decided to give their mouths a facial hair friend.

Could Wright be emulating his good friend Cliff Floyd? Or is he going for a different look? I’ve taken the liberty of photoshopping the goatees of several of David Wright’s teammates onto his personal chin space. What do we think?

Wright_woodward_goatee_jpegDavid Wright + The Woodward Goatee

Wright_beltran_goatee2_jpegDavid Wright + The Beltran Goatee

Wright_delgado_goatee_jpegDavid Wright + The Delgado Goatee

Have we got a winner?





  1. Zoe

    Oh, Mark, I wish I had time to blog right now! I mean, look at my man giving it all for his team!

    And LOOK AT OUR TEAM! Is the obscenity filter still getting rid of f.r.i.g.g.i.n? Because our team is *******’ AWESOME!

  2. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    I like the scruffy look but I think au contraire to Beltran’s goatee that has him on a roll when David had his things where not happening. I don’t know statitics wise because as I read earlier there is no record of HRWFH (home runs with facial hair). LOL I rather have him a lil scruffy no goatees for him LOL



  3. mia_metskat@yahoo.com

    I’ve actually seen David with a goatee during the offseason. He actually looks really good with it.

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