Our Virginia Is For Lovers Boy

Wright_ducDavid Wright’s latest blog post about the All-Star game is up, so make sure to check it out.

I had to comment (of course!):

"Man, it was a joy to watch. I went a bit crazy on my blog with all the excitement you and the boys gave us.

Have you seen the MLB.com Midday broadcast where they miked Jose Reyes responding to your derby home runs? That’s a TREAT to watch. At times you had him barking like a seal as the ball soared far, far, far. ‘That’s my man!’ He screamed. The best part? When you said ‘I’m tired,’ Jose Reyes called out: ‘Get an apple juice!’

You two ‘bleed blue and orange’ indeed.

I hope you’re feeling all the many tons of love we’ve got to give you. You’re our special, special guy."

By the way, I captured some of the highlights from that Midday broadcast (love you Casey Stern!) and I’ll link to the video tonight on YouTube. (When I embed the video here, it crashes browsers, alas.)  Yes, you’ll see Jose barking like a seal and shouting out "Get an apple juice!"

How can you not love our team!?



  1. Zoe

    Mark, I took the videos down that were problematic–I’ll link to them when I post tonight.

    I hope you guys understand why I’ve gotten so into MLBlogs–besides Rob, I’ve got *no one* to talk about the Mets with! None of my girlfriends know anything about baseball, although my best friend grew up in Queens and loves the Mets.

    So it’s like I finally have a place to go and talk Mets!


  2. Edward

    I’m eating this “bleed blue and orange” quote up. The Mets are my team and I’ll always root for them, but it’s rare that a group of players like this come along… guys who you cheer for not just because they’re your team, but because they are such cool people. Let’s Go Mets!
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


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