The kid is SICK

Home_run_derby_tongue_2I mean…! I’m a little too tipsy to blog tonight after a rousing frozen-margarita-filled happy hour with the girls which translates into YUM!

But you’re gonna tell me that David Wright gets the first NL home run of the All Star game to tie the score and then Carlos Beltran gets the second run!?

David Wright? Sick good. Carlos Beltran? Mets good.

Mets good? F.r.i.g.g.i.n’ AWESOME!

I’m so glad our Davey is having the All Star experience he deserves. Hopefully our beloved Rey will get his turn next year.

Now go check out the post below about my reading! xx

Update: David Wright quote of the night about him and Jose Reyes: "We both bleed blue and orange."

You can’t help but love him. It’s literally impossible not to. There’s got to be some David-Wright-love-organ nestled somewhere in the human body, like, next to the heart around the lungs.

I’m telling you. The next episode of House will be about some guy who’s dying because he was born without the David-Wright-love-organ. Mark my words.

AND now Beltran’s on first but looks like he almost hurt himself! CARLOS!!! Your effort and skill are truly admirable, but baby it’s not worth an injury!

The All-Star game has made me coo over our Mets like a fiercely proud mother hen. I love them all–especially my #1 favorite Cliff Floyd–but somehow the adoration has been spilling out hard core these past couple days!

DAMMIT. We deserved that one. The Mets rocked the NL team like it was their private talent showcase.

Mets? I love you so.




    So the NL lost. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is still half a season left and no one has won anything yet. David is always clutch, but Beltran impressed me tonight. This may be why he plays better on the road, which could be a good omen for us.


    by the way first time reading and it is great oahve someone with so much love for the mets.. But when we sweep the AL team in the world series Game Four will be at Shea!!!

  3. Edward

    I’m with the wolfman on this one. Last night was a bummer, but you know what? Wright continues to excel on the biggest stages and Beltran really is back. If these guys make it to October, watch out. There may not be a game seven on the road.
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


    Zoë: enjoyed reading portions of your blog, since there’s so much I haven’t read yet…it’s a pleasure…I’m a Met fan since the mid-60s and living in DC for nearly 30 years, so I try to catch up with all things Mets…anyway I happen to agree with you about the charm and chemistry on this team, it was a joy to see Glavine, Beltran, and Reyes watch LoDuca and Wright star in the Derby and then the three starters play in The Game last night, so they lost, it happens even with two outs and no one on, witness Oct. ’86…also big fan of Trax and Cliff, so you see we have that Love-Wright organ (i’m hetero male so i prefer to describe it this way-sorry) somewhere in that warm upper mid-section and bleed blue and orange…Lets Go Mets in ’06! Have a great second-half rooting for our team Zoë.

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