Tongue Watch

Tongue_pelfrey_3 Is the secret to being a young hot Mets star in the…tongue?

It’s no secret that David Wright lets it hang out when he’s concentrating, and I’ll be on the lookout during tonight’s home run derby!

Tongue_dwright_1 (One thing I’m fascinated by is Rob’s certainty that the home run derby will ruin D-Wright’s swing if he stays in it long enough. What do you guys think?)

Tongues_unite_2 Here’s our beloved tongue-wagging Wright giving props to young wagger-in-training (as pictured above) Mike Pelfrey. How cute is that?

For more on Mike Pelfrey’s debut, check out my Shea day report and the video of his first pitch.

Picture_014 Also? Fox sports has to learn how to spell his name. See?



One comment

  1. Edward

    Pelfrey does have a little bit of “Air Jordan” in him when it comes to the tongue, doesn’t he? lol Because his stuff is so electric, I’d rather see what Pelfrey can do up here, even if it came at Maine’s expense, if I had to chose between the two when Petey came back.
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball

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