The July 8th Double Header

Picture_0451What’s more fun than watching a Sunday game on TV while blogging about two games the day before? Make sure to take a look at my photo album, because I caught some SUPER moments, including a lot of pre-game warm up shots of our boys showcasing their athletic flexibility. (And yes, I know I’m too old for pig-tails, but you try to survive summer with a sheet of hair on your back!)

Yesterday was about the greatest weather for a day game you could hope for. Sunny but breezy, and just a joy to be outside. Picture_0011 It was "Take HER to Shea day" and I got a flowery tote bag giveaway that I love a little too much. Also? Three nice sized samples of cocoa butter. Mmmmm. Bye-bye rough elbows!

Game 1: With Jose Reyes downed by a gashed pinky, we had Chris Woodward at shortstop and no reliable lead-off hitter. But what breaks my heart most? I do so hope Jose gets to play in the All-Star game. He just deserves to. And…we need him!

It became obvious early on that I was surrounded by some of the most annoying fans in baseball. Why do you come to Shea just to trash talk your own team? Rob calls them "Negative Nellies." I’d call them something else if I were more of a cusser. Some of the beauties I had to sit through: "David Wright MVP? I could throw better than that." This from a man with a gut the size of my apartment and remnants of everything he’s eaten that day all over his shorts. Um…no. But when the same idiot said "Cliff Floyd, when was the last time you got a home run?" (and Cliff would show him later on!), I turned around and said–"Don’t talk s**t about Cliff." For someone who rarely curses, I still stand up for my own. (Like Duaner Sanchez! But more on that later.)

Picture_0162 Poor John Maine. He keeps pitching decently and we just can’t get him the runs. Picture_0191_1 It’s a relief to see Carlos Delgado in the game today (Sunday) after he got hit in the hand (or wrist?) during the 2nd inning yesterday–here’s a pic of him consulting with Willie.

Of course I’m not going to say it didn’t smart when Maine gave up the tie-breaking home run in the 6th, and I was out of my chair and screeming when Logan Kensing hit Cliff Floyd in the 8th. PITCHERS OF THE WORLD: STOP HITTING CLIFF. We’ll get you back. We just will. (By the way, the crowd’s reaction when Jose Reyes came in to pinch run? Just shows how much we love you, Rey. We truly do.)

Speaking of retaliation, we cheered hard when Duaner Sanchez’s first pitch at the top of the 9th hit Miguel Cabrera square in the thigh. Picture_0251_1 Take that, crybaby. Benches cleared, blah blah, no punches thrown. Cheering when Cabrera’s thrown out.

GAME 2: While it would be a shame we couldn’t have scored some of Game 2’s runs earlier on for Maine, we shouldn’t quibble. No team had ever scored 17 runs at Shea before! Picture_0302 We cheered for Mike Pelfrey as he walked across the field and again when his first ever Major League pitch was a steaming STRIKE! (Make sure to watch the–so very amateur–video here.) Want to see another Pelfrey pitch in action? This throw came later in the first inning: Mike Pelfrey Debut Day first inning pitch on Vimeo

Of course one of the idiot fans behind me said later that inning: "So that’s our phenom. Can’t pitch, like all our other Minor Leaguers." HATE THAT "FAN." Pelfrey admitted later that his nerves got the better of him early on. And? Duh. I’m impressed that he could calm down later–and that his fastball kept up its momentum and speed as the game went on. He’ll be exciting to watch for sure–when he’s ready. How can you not love the kid, too, with his goofy smile?

Picture_0351_1 Now let’s talk about how our team came back from a disappointing loss to knock out a first inning worthy of screaming your head off! Endy Chavez gives us our crucial lead-off hit, followed by Lo Duca’s single, Beltran’s walk (discipline at the plate!), and Cliff’s bat-breaking hit to load the bases (pictured here)! Picture_0361_1 And then? Jose Jose Jose Jose! Not Rey this time, but Valentin joyously grand slamming and beginning what would be a 7 RBI game for the 2nd baseman. (By the way? How much do I love that Cliff’s at bat music is the theme song from Sanford & Son? Cliff always makes me smile. Unless, of course, he’s getting HIT.)

There would be so many more lovely moments that game. Valentin’s triple, Cliff’s awesome home run (his first of the season against a left-hander). Excellent work by Lo Duca and Beltran. (Doesn’t it seem that Beltran always gets big hits in games we either can’t win or are bound to win?) A 5 RBI game for my Cliff.

So, 5th starter: Maine or Pelfrey? Or, for that matter, what about Darren Oliver? Oliver’s proven he can go multiple innings, but they probably want to keep the bullpen strong. Or maybe they’ll use Darren as a substitute for Pedro. Maine’s a bit more seasoned than Pelfrey, but his stamina isn’t quite there. Still, I’m betting he’ll stay in the rotation for a while–at least until Pedro’s better. Let’s go kids. Let’s pitch strong and widen our lead. Because why the heck not? It’s good to win.

Now let’s hope we can tie the series. It’s still 0-0 in the 5th, with Cliff at bat (hey, another hit against a lefty! Love you Cliff!!). AND now a two-run homer from Nady!!! Yeah, boyz!! Let’s Go Mets!

Here are some more fun pics, and there are loads more in the album. I got a picture with Cow-Bell Man! Too bad it’s one of the worst ever taken of me. And enjoy the one of me with my new stadium exclusive David Wright doll. Oh, sorry, figurine.

Picture_0052 Picture_0231 Picture_0431 Picture_0481


Picture_0523Picture_0522_1Update: David Wright 3-run homer?!?! YEAH DAVEY!!

Glavine better buy him dinner!



  1. john

    Hey Zoe,
    I actually bought 7 of them when i was there lol. I plan on buying one every day im there for the rest of July. I love them, They are my new car ornaments and also my desktop item of the year lol.

    Also Wright for 1st half MVP Without a question. Cliff gets my 1st half aflac MVP, As he needs some insurance after getting beaned daily and concussed as well



  2. Zack

    Hey, Zoë-

    Great entry. Great blog. I’ve been reading it for several days but haven’t commented ’til now. Miguel Cabrera really IS a baby. Did you see how he started/continued a fight with his own pitcher in the dugout? Man, I lost a lot of respect for him this weekend. But enough about that. The Mets are kicking heinie, and that’s all there is to it. I’m enjoying your account of it all.

    -The Baseball Collector

  3. Edward

    Wow… Pelfrey’s a big kid with a big fastball. And his off-speed stuff was better than I expected at this stage of his career. When he calms down, he has got the stuff to be something really special.
    And kudos to Sanchez for protecting our guys!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball

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