Moving on…


I spent last night drinking fine wine and fancy cocktails rather than watching the game. I bet Jose Lima wishes he could say the same. Lima’s time has come, hasn’t it. But still, I like that the front office is trying out all the options close to home before opting for a trade. We’ve got the win cushion.

What have we learned? Darren Oliver might be able to start for us. He’s been consistent and tends to come through for us. (Here I spit on the evil eye.) So, yay Darren!

Also? As the wise and worthy Cabbie Carl predicted, Henry Owens is already turning out to be an asset to the bullpen. Let’s hope he stays around a while, because he’ll be fun to watch.

And finally? Jose Reyes, our dear, sweet, uber-talented Jose Reyes. Slide FEET FIRST. PLEEEEEEASE. You don’t want to hear that Jose’s got 7 stitches in his pinky. I’m really hoping our boy can still play the All-Star game. He deserves to.

Okay, folks. Off to Shea for a loooooong day of watching some young bucks hopefully pitch their hearts out!





  1. Zoe

    UPDATE: Soooo tired after 7 1/2 hours at Shea, but I’ll try to report tonite on how fun it was! (Obviously the 2nd game the more so!)

  2. Zoe

    Oh did we cheer for Sanchez. And I’ve got a couple pics of the dugouts cleared. I’ll get the pictorial up tomorrow. Floyd had a GREAT night. And I swear, I was screaming the whole time DON’T HIT CLIFF.

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