Big days for the Mets!

7_6_wright_homerExciting things are happening for our team. Want to sing with me? "Anticipation. Anti-ci-pa-a-tion." But more on what’s to come later. For now, we’ve got to talk about last night’s game! (Enough with my photoshopped cheek kissing fantasies, right?)

Last night’s win against the Pirates was exciting, amusing, and sometimes painful to watch.7_6_cliff_hit_1 Painful because my beloved Cliffy caused my heart to skip a few beats there. But I’ve already made my feelings known about that in my last post. Still, Cliff says he’s feeling better at the plate and optimistic about what’s to come. If that involves many additional 2 RBI doubles against left-handers? Then I’m pretty darn excited too. I’ve been saying for weeks that we haven’t seen the best of Cliff’s season yet, and if evil pitchers will STOP HITTING HIM, I’ll be all smiles for Cliff’s future at bats.

We saw a great game, too, for Wright and Reyes. Man, those two are just a joy to watch. When Reyes races to his 38th and 39th stolen bases and bats in two runs, he makes it look as easy as strolling down the street. I’ll call that Win Street, babi! 7_6_screen_cap And did you see how thrilled Willie Randolph was with Wright’s 19th homer and 70th RBI? He kept mimicking the trajectory of the hit as if he’d just watched a NASA-precision rocket launch. In Willie language, that’s the equivalent of jumping up and down and clapping his hands.

I’ll admit there were plenty of moments in that game that had me laughing as well. Pedro, you cheeky little monkey! How can you not giggle watching him clutch his rubber bat or taunt the fans with a ball-on-a-string? And I confess to a guffaw when the camera zoomed in on a just-hit Trachsel saying something quite indiscrete about the guy who beaned him.

7_6_trachsel As to Trachsel, he’s hanging in there. Sure he got a few too many men on base, but thank goodness he could get out of the jams. Rob, who was at the game, said Trachsel didn’t seem to have command of his curveball, but let’s hope (hope!!) that we’ll be seeing more memorable pitching come Saturday.

I’ll be at Shea for both games of the double-header, and boy am I looking forward to seeing Mike Pelfrey’s Major League debut. This Newsday blog quotes a worthwhile article highlighting Pelfrey’s talent and focus. That’s exactly what he’ll need come Saturday. Let’s all stay optimistic and enjoy the sweet anticipation for a day. I know that’s a ticket stub I’ll be keeping.

7_6_screencap_2_1 Finally, I’ll leave you with this screen cap of David Wright looking exactly like James Dean. A James Dean who just may be on the road to a 40 home run season. Watch our boy on Letterman Wednesday!!



P.S. Oh! And my publicist just set up another reading for my novel, PICK ME UP, on Tuesday August 15th at 7PM (an away game!). I’m not 100% certain which Borders I’ll be reading in, but when I find out I’ll be sure to post the information here. I hope you’ll come and say hi. I’ll gladly sign your copy of my novel, which brings the market value up from $12.95 to $12.95 + personal treasure!


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