Cliff’s back!!

Met_cap_smallPhew! Cliff’s in the lineup tonight. Come on, Cliffy. Do your #1 fan proud.

Rob and I are off to a concert tonight, so I won’t catch the full game. Wright and Nady are off, it seems. But I love Endy Chavez–he’s a real testament to the strength of the Mets bench. (Kinnahura! Watch me go jinx it now…)

My baby Jasper (above) says: Let’s Go Mets! They’ve got to not just win, but clobber.

Hear that boys? It’s time to clobber.

7:35: Yay Valentin! But Kip Wells? YOU HIT CLIFFY. You better watch your back if we ever meet in person. Hear that Kip?

Now that’s a Mets first inning! BOOyakasha!






    That’s an awesome shot. You should be a Scott Rolen fan since he’s from Jasper, Indiana (my former prep baseball opponent!). Jasper, Indiana, also is known as the worldwide home of Kimball Pianos/Organs (dumb trivia).


  2. Zoe

    Hee. I have a feeling you could word associate anything with baseball, Mark!

    Jasper’s actually named after Jasper Johns, the artist. Probably no surprise that I love modern art considering I wrote a novel set in the NY art world!

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