A win for the Fourth!

Picture_104_1Turned out to be a happy, if a bit trying, Fourth of July! But please don’t get complacent with a single win, my beloved Metsies. I wish I knew why we were struggling yesterday against the worst team in baseball.

I’m not a big trash-talker, truly, but also? Picture_1351 We were playing a team whose logo looks like it should be advertising a theme park ride. Arrrgh.

I’ll make an album with all my pics from yesterday, but meanwhile, here are some highlights! Keep in mind our seats are third row loge, first base side. Now, I love our seats, but my pictures, alas, are kind of tiny. Picture_0972 Glavine didn’t have his best outing, but I still enjoyed capturing his first pitch of the game. As well as Reyes’s first at bat. Picture_1002_1 Neither were extremely successful, but whatcha gonna do? The boys would give us something to cheer about later.

I (and Rob) captured lots of fun moments even as our team bobbled plays that they shouldn’t have. Still, Nady, Chavez, Wright, Reyes–some pretty darn fun moments to watch and scream about. And that Endy slide! Rob and I were sure Chavez was out at the plate, but homeslice knows how to get in under the tag.

I have no clue how to line up my pictures with snazzy captions, so just know you’ll be seeing here: 1) Me keeping cool. 2) The annoying teenager in front of me who kept cheering for the Bucs. Does it make me a bad person that I wanted to smack the cap off a kid? 3) Cowbell man!!! Someday, I’ll get up the nerve to ask to pose for a pic with everyone’s favorite fan. 4) Cliffy’s first at bat. Oh, Cliffy. NY Times reports he said: "Just a bump on the head, a little dizzy. Hope I’ll be out there tomorrow." 5) Me and Rob. Superfans! 6) David Wright’s at bat ritual–adjust gloves, wipe nose with jersey–before knocking out a single and bringing two of our own home to take the lead. 7) Right before the collision. Not sure what my dear Cliffy was thinking. (Also, clearly not my picture) 8) Cliffy leaving the game, holding his hurting head. 9) Victory!! J ust keep it up for a while, okay guys? We know you can do it. We believe. 10) I can’t resist a victory jump.

Let’s Go Mets!!




  1. Edward

    Great pix! Hopefully Floyd is back in action soon. He’s had some bad luck with injuries this season… but he deserves to be here for this. He’s paid his dues on the Art Howe Mets and now it’s time for him to enjoy winning in New York.
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


  2. Carl

    Wow, that’s some pretty hefty company you’re keeping- Cowbell Man and Ruth!Maine Man’s goin’ to come thru for us this weekend I can just feel it. Milledge for Willis Milledge for Willis Milledge for Willis, say it ten times fast and it might come true.



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