Tonight’s Cell Phone Commentary

RazrCell phone summary of tonight’s game is brought to you by the Motorola Razr. Which, by the way, still owes me a rebate.

Who were the Mets playing? The worst team in the NL by far.

Zoe had to visit the folks’ house in Brooklyn and had to miss the game. Rob was out with his friend John.

9:15 PM (Rob’s phone–which is never off–goes straight to voicemail. Zoe leaves a message.): "Your phone went straight to voicemail, so I know you’re checking the score. And you’re seeing that we’re losing. And that we’ve gotten 1 run off 7 hits. *Heaving sigh*"

9:30 PM (Zoe is on the Q train, going over the bridge, when she receives this text): "Now we are losing 7 to 1"

10:00ish PM. (Zoe texts to Rob): "11-1. 11-1! ARGH!"

And that’s the Motorola Razr Cell Phone coverage of the July 3rd Mets Pirates game. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say game? I meant DEBACLE.

(But good job Maine, at least for a while there!)

(Too bad we seem to have been playing in New Hampshire!)

(Also? Go away, A-Rod.)

(And Scott Kazmir? You can stop being so excellent. You’re just rubbing it in now.)



  1. Pirate

    opppss.. sorry to see your $101m payrol;l couldn’t get past our rookie pitcher tonight. I’m sure better days/nights are ahead for the Mets.

    Pirates are a *very* streaky team and when they hit on all cylinders, there isn’t many teams that can stay with them. But, that’s the way baseball is, huh?

    For us Pirates fans, unfortunately, we just haven’t seen many good streaks this year… or last year, or the year before that.. or, well, you get the idea. LoL

    By the way – kewl site.

    Joliet Jake at Bucco Blog

  2. john

    Blah Blah Blah, Ignore that Pirates poster up ahead. We sent out 7th starter tonight against the worst team in the NL. Soon Pelfrey will be up and we wont have to worry about bad pitching anymore from the back end.
    Also, I wouldnt count out Brian Bannister to come up and pitch as he can usually walk a tightrope out of the jams in which the previous 2 mets starters cannot withstand.

    As for tomorow, hopefully the rain will hold off so we can slap the Pirates around as we should have tonight.




    As a die hard Sox fan, red that is, I was first handedly impressed by Scott Kazmir, YET AGAIN. And he’s only 22. Wow. Today is another day. I hope the Mets can break out of this lull and make waves. As for the Red Sox, we’ll be fine. Happy holiday, Z.

  4. Zoe

    The boys seemed to struggle for it today, but they got the job done! Seeing Cliffy go down was heartbreaking, but I think ESPN said it was a “mild concussion” and he’s day to day. He just kept kicking at the ground with his foot. Painful.

    I’ll post pictures later on or tomorrow!

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