Soler_copy_1 When the announcer says "It appears you just have to stand there with a bat in your hands" in order to get on base?

That’s not so good.


Why is no one warming up in the bullpen?

Willie, why’d you keep him in so long!? Why?

Man, and Cliffy got us off to such a great start. Franco’s 2,543rd hit. Reyes’s 11th triple. More hitting from Valentin and Lo Duca. Soler’s 3rd crappy as all heck start.

I’m beginning to realize I shouldn’t liveblog. Because I really, really want to support my team. I’m extremely against booing your own team. Tomorrow I’ll be hoping Soler improves very soon and gives us some consistency. Or maybe we’ll be discussing options for a new starter. But tonight?


(Um…tell me Bell didn’t just give up a home run?)

Right. Time for me to sign off.

Okay, except for just one last thing: Is that John Miller saying Bel-trahn? Carlos Bel-trahn? It’s very possible that anything would annoy me right now, but boy is that getting on my nerves. It’s just me, right? Probably…




    I’m thinking maybe Randolph really wants the Yankees to win and he left Soler in on purpose to help out his old team.

  2. Carl

    Why? Yes Why Willie? I think Willie has taken Torre’s lessons on composure a bit to far. Following A-Rods blast Willie needed to get off his rump and get in the face of Soler and fire that guy up. I love you Willie, but we need you to show us some good old fashion passion man! It might be time to give Maine or Bannister another shot. Do I hear Dontrelle in the distance?


    Zoe, I was really hoping the Mets could have won last night, and taken 2 of 3 from the hated Yanks. But no such luck. I do hope that Petey is OK. And yes, I am a Sox fan through and through. Happy and healthy 4th to you and yours.

  4. Edward

    Watching all those Yankees cross the plate against Soler in that third inning is my idea of h*ll. lol And I couldn’t believe Willie left him in for that, but I guess Bell wasn’t any better. What a lousy game. Hopefully the guys will thrash the Pirates this week and we’ll feel better.
    ~Eddie @ “Willie Ball”

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