4th Inning!

Reandy_heart_copy Mets find our bats for five runs in the 4th!! (Although it should have been 6, because Nady was so clearly hit by Johnson.) You keep this pitching up, Randy.

(Now let’s say Kinnahura to ward off the Evil Eye)…


Post-game: Now that’s how you do it, Mets! Reyes starts the game with a lead off hit, Lo Duca doubles, and then Wright hits a two-run double. That’s a Mets first inning! Great hitting by Reyes, Wright, Lo Duca, Castro. Nice home run by Marrero in the 6th (the "rubbing it in" homer). A blind umpire calls Jeter safe at first in the bottom of the 1st, but who cares with Castro’s arm working out a double play soon after? And does David Wright even need a mitt? At the bottom of the 5th, he pulls out a barehand throw to get A-Rod out.

Despite really crappy umpires who must be on the Yankee payroll, the Mets are (hopefully) on the road to another win. (Kinnahura.)

Until tomorrow!



  1. Joe

    Hi Zoe,

    We must be real baseball fans/scribes, if we’re talking about this on a Saturday night 🙂

    From what I’ve heard, Bannister is still on the 60-day DL and no one still knows his status?

    I really hope the Mets keep Cliff Floyd. He’s a great player, with a great attitude. I saw him do a CBS-2 interview and he was real down-to-earth.

    Milledge has to learn the game on the Major League level — he’s still young! Omar Minaya may hold him out as bait and see what type of bites he receives.

    The Mets looked good today. They hit a little bump in the road, but still have a decent record. They will be in the Fall Classic.

    Watch the Detroit Tigers!

    Take care,



  2. andy5353@aol.com

    Keep winning mets but,do me and the red sox a favor..do not go as far as the world series.The red sox do not want to see you again.Or should I say th mets do not want to see the red sox again..especially in the world series.

  3. john

    Oh i was steaming when the ball hit Nady and the umpire gave the call to the Yanks, Sometimes i feel as if the Yankees get all of the calls and it bugs me. But regardless, the mets slapped the yankees around ever so nicely and it made me coast through drinking beer and listening to hotel california in the backround.
    Good stuff today and i love Randy Johnson.



  4. peter1210@sbcglobal.net

    Ya know what, Zoe? I know what kinnahura means. Who’d a thunk? Nice blog you have here. I’m a Red Sox blogger, if you ever want to visit. http://www.peteronall.blogspot.com/ Happy healthy holiday wishes, and please Metsies, one more tonight!! Make Georgie stumble again on his way out of the stadium. He did, by the way, after yesterday’s game.

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