Shake it off and show us what you got!

Rally_copy Ok, boys, we’re ready for your triumphant return. Forget that you’re in the other guy’s ballpark. Forget that you’re playing by their newfangled DH rules.

Go out and show us what you’re made of. Because we’ll be rooting for you HARD CORE.

I really hope the Mets cream the Yanks tonight. We need the psychological comeback. But also? The Mets give great play, and we haven’t seen that so much in the past few days. Come on, El Duque. We need you there. Focus. Focus. Focus.

(Oh, and Trachsel and Soler? NOW would be a great time to reverse those last few outings and become hometown heroes!!)

Let’s Go Mets!




One comment


    I agre with you mets go out and cream those yankees..El Duque go out and pitch like you did arizona tonight…You know that 1 hitter.


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