Rain delay & liveblogging.

Rain_1 So you know how in the story of Noah and the Ark, God doesn’t like the way the world’s going, so He sends a big old flood to set things right?

Hmmm. Maybe Someone doesn’t like the way tonight’s game is going…

Let’s Go Mets!

Back to the game now, after a couple scoreless innings (for us that is. Yankees got another run)…

Um…Top of the 7th and we’ve got 1 hit?

Here’s what Zoe would like to know: Where the heck did our offense go? Forgive me if I sound a tad bitter. I’ll change my tune if you show me a hitter!

Come on boys!!

10:10 PM, bottom 7th: We’ve got two more at bats to save this game. And three more not to screw up.

10:16 PM: Good job, El Duque. Now let’s get some run support. Cliffy, you lead off like nobody’s business, okay!?

10:23: Yeah, Cliffy ground out and Valentin popped up. 4 outs left in this game to, oh I dunno, HIT something? 

10:25: Make that 3 outs left. Sanchez was warming up in the bullpen. C’mon Duaner.

The boyfriend is telling me that making him watch the game at this point is like making him watch a child be beaten. Melodramatic much, Rob?

10:29: 😦  😦  😦  😦  😦  Jeter gets a double.

10:32: Yankee fans boo their own A-Rod as he pops up for the second out. Duaner’s not pitching to Posada. 

10:35: David Wright catches a pop up and smiles briefly to Reyes. The boyfriend says, "Why is he smiling? I’m not smiling. Do I look like I’m smiling?" On to the top of the 9th.

10:40: Camera closes in on David Wright’s look of despair. 2 outs.

10:43: It’s over.

El Duque pitched a decent game. We just couldn’t get a hit to save our lives.


Rob’s final thought of the evening: "Ever since you started your blog, the Metsies haven’t been doing too good. Maybe you should stop."



  1. Zoe

    Yeah, we gave up another run to the Yankees, so they’re up 2 now.

    Great, just gave up a double to Posada too. Bottom of the 6th. Grrr.

  2. andy5353@aol.com

    We need the yankees to lose the series Go mets!!Red sox lost.if the mets cant win tonight at least win tomorrrow and sunday.Please mets.Go mets.


  3. Lola

    I would tell you to cheer up, but that’d have to mean i’d havr to cheer down =)
    So cheer up (in 2 days) Zoe! The mets will be back again in 2 days (after we are done with them!) ha ha.

    LOL @ Rob trying to call u bad omen. i thought i was bad omen for a sec too cause all my favorite players kept getting hurt!



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