Cliffy’s back!!

Cliff_happyHe’s back in the line up! No pressure, Cliff. Just glad to have you back.

And David Wright just gave a superb interview on the SNY pre-show. It’s transcript-worthy, if anyone’s got the time and energy to type it out. I like how he said the Mets need to take their Sox sweep as motivation to work harder and get the fire going. AND he said some lovely, modest things about Derek Jeter. What a stand up guy that David Wright is.

Haven’t decided yet whether to watch the game home or at the bar, but I’m excited! And really, really hoping I get to stay that way! But in any case, at least I get to see my Cliff again.



P.S. Dognabbit. Nady out with a fractured wrist–but we can use Chavez defensively anyway. And Delgado still down with a sore rib cage. We’ve got Lo Duca DH-ing with a sore thumb, but I like Castro as catcher. Boy can he throw some outs. Still, please get healthy Mets!

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