We’re building a narrative.

Books_plus_baseball You know what goes well together? Story-telling and baseball. Every great moment in baseball history is part of a bigger picture–a rich history that spans from one year ago to a bazillion years ago. Velociraptor_copy_1You know, when velociraptors were first learning how to throw a curve ball. So let’s take a moment to look at the past two Mets-Sox games within the larger  narrative.

Think about every sports movie you’ve ever seen. There’s a formula, 9 times out of 10. Two teams match up. One the hero, one the wily opposition. The story begins with an early battle. Despite your love for the hero team, they lose terribly and hurtfully to the opponent. (Oh no!) But time passes. Our hero team works hard–often under the auspices of a trusty mentor. They get better and better. They turn out to be something amazing. Then, at the end of the story, when it’s time for another head-to-head match up with their toughest competition? The hero team pulls through and turns out a winning game for the record books.

The Sox already had their narrative. Twice. First, in the stunning 2004 AL playoffs, when they came from behind famously to win four games in a row and then the World Series. Happy ending!? Hear that? Ending.

But no, Sox fans aren’t happy yet. There’s still that little bugaboo about twenty years ago when we beat them for the championship. They’re waiting for the next big Mets-Sox battle so they can redeem themselves. Oh wait. That’s already happened. Boston wins decidedly in two straight games (hopefully not three!), creaming the poor Mets to regain their dignity. Happy ending. Ending.

Boston? Your story is now over.

It’s our turn.

The Mets story begins with a devastating series against Boston way back in late June, 2006. One of our biggest heroes, Pedro Martinez, just doesn’t get the job done. Our boys hang their heads as the curtain closes on Act 1. Act 2 is starting, when they’ll get better and better–under the auspices of Willie and his crew. And when Act 3 comes? (If the popular conception that the Mets will meet the Sox in the World Series this October actually comes true, that is!) When we next meet the Boston Red Sox, we’ll be the hero team. Our story hasn’t finished yet. By all the rules of narrative–so beloved to baseball fans everywhere–it’s our turn next.

So watch out!!




  1. Cyn

    //But no, Sox fans aren’t happy yet. There’s still that little bugaboo about twenty years ago when we beat them for the pennant.//

    Um…the Mets beat the Red Sox for the World Series, not the pennant. The Mets beat the Astros for the NL pennant and the Red Sox beat the Angels for the AL pennant.

    And, you really give the Mets too much credit. 🙂 Sox fans are very happy. 2004 pretty much completely erased 1986. Never really blamed the Mets for winning, it was the Sox who lost it in 1986.

    And a regular season series victory will never be better than winning the World Series.

    Sorry. But there just isn’t any rivalry between the Sox and the Mets.

  2. Zoe

    oopsies! changing pennant thingie. it’s not possible right now to give the mets too much credit. we went from being a truly struggling team a couple years ago to now being first in the division by a long shot.

    The Red Sox were there too, as a struggling team, and it took them a few years to get to the point where they could win the Series. We’re getting there–and we’ll see if we’ll get there quicker than you did.

  3. Cyn

    //not possible right now to give the mets too much credit//

    Too much credit in regard to how the Red Sox and their fans feel about them. After tonight, all we’ll care about is their beating the Yankees…and possibly worry about them in October.

    If these first two games are any indication, I’m really NOT worried about them in October. (Meaning, if the Sox and Mets meet in October – I won’t be worried about my team). 🙂

  4. john

    Yea Yeah Cyn beat up on the mets now because soon we will have Cliff back and a stronger part of the order at the bottom. The mets are struggling the past two days But are they really? We have 5 solo home runs in the first two games and easily the outcome could have been changed if the mets have had a few more players on base. I want the sox to come to Ny in a different enviorment and put on the same show.
    As for Zoe, We will look not to get swept tonight, Hopeuflly we can put on a good game and win and salvage this last game. I really cannot wait till Cliff comes back. The previous two games milledge cost them 8 runs.



  5. andy5353@aol.com

    Zoe-I would love the mets(one of my favorite teams)to go to the world series and win(except if it is against the sox than I would have to choose) But, mets go out there and show us what you got.I also want cliff back.John the sox swept the mets but,The mets are still my favorite team(sorry Cyn) not the sox they are my second favorite.I hate the yankees(sorry lola).

  6. SomeBallyard

    I think you’re absolutely right, Zoe. This was a character builder. Baseball is all about the story, and you can see the story building. It amazes me Cyn doesn’t grasp the inherent rivalry. It took me almost two decades and a move to Norfolk (home of the Mets AAA Tides) to forgive the Mets for winning that World Series. Being a Red Sox fan just ain’t what it used to be.

    But being a Mets fan is what it is…as you note, there are some really good times ahead.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


  7. soxfax@massenergy.us

    Zoe, I love it!! Willie Randolph as Yoda or Mr. Miyagi 😀 And your turn comes up in the next three games against the Evil Empire! May the Force be with you (or Wax On/Wax Off Cliffy-san)

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