Sad face

Sadface I’m back early–only 11 PM!–from the party I went to (crowded! hot! trendy!), and the boyfriend and I just watched the end of the game on DVR.

Let’s just say at the party there was an open bar. And I had a few. (By which I mean, I had 2 drinks. As a not huge drinker, Zoe has a low tolerance. Or, in common parlance, we might say she is a "cheap date." Especially at an "open bar.")

Needless to say…even only seeing the last few minutes…

I don’t. Want. To talk. About it.

How am I going to sleep?


But feel free to say things to make me feel better.






    Please do not seek revenge upon us.
    Hold that frustration/retaliation until Friday, then let it all out with a vengence.

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