A funny!!

Ok, so not related to baseball or my novel, but I just posted a video on my author blog, and boy did it make me laugh. (For all interested, what follows the video is the hilarious and embarrassing story of my first reading! Make sure you read to the end for the best part.)

By the way, you all know that my novel is really, really good right? Funny, page-turning, and so far (thankfully!) much beloved by readers.

Yes, my audience is primarily women, but if you’re a guy, I guarantee you that your wife/girlfriend/sister/mom/cousin/aunt/etc. will love receiving a copy as a gift. And so far the guys who’ve read it have been surprised at how much they enjoy the novel!

Come on, support a Mets fan!! (And a superfan, at that!)





  1. andy5353@aol.com

    I hate to admit this being a red sox fan and metss fan.But I think pedro is better thann beckett.GO mets

  2. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    OMG, that was just cruel. So the woman has pickle phobia and Maury made her go to a pickle factory. Let’s see if we can scare the **** out of her! She hates pickles! She’s caught in a pickle! Hey, let’s put someone who’s afraid of spideys in a spidey-infested place and watch them freak out on camera. TV!


  3. PAUL

    Novel, novel, novel. I’m impressed. You managed to mention your book about eight times in a three paragraph blog. All kidding aside, maybe I should learn to promote myself a bit better, then my book “Breaking Balls” (AKA “The Book That No One Bought”) would’ve done a bit better. I hope yours does well anyway.

  4. Joe


    You twisted my arm — I have to buy your book!

    I read your comment on my blog. Omar Minaya is the best thing for the Mets. So, don’t worry and keep singing “Meet the Mets” because they will be in the World Series!

    Take care and great blog! Keep writing away, very impressed!!!



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