2 out of 3!

Mets_sox_pedro So, yeah, the outcome of last night’s game was nowhere near what we Mets fans wanted it to be. As you can see below, I drowned my sorrows in drink and laughter. (But not together, because wine out the nose is not so cute.) Now I’m here to say that friends, we can learn from our mistakes.

From the very first at bat, luck was not on our side. For the first time in 8 games, not only did Jose Reyes not get a lead off hit, but he reduced to splinters what was no doubt a lucky bat. And then…Soler. Oh, Soler. 42 pitches in the first inning? Really?? Not to mention giving up 2 runs and nearly walking Varitek with bases loaded. Ouch. But you saw the game. Leaving the bases loaded twice, Jose’s NERVE-WRACKING collapse, Milledge’s miscalculation. Yada yada yada. The Mets could not get a break. Oh, unless it’s Jose’s shoulder!

So what, exactly, did we see? Our young stars cooled off. Big deal. Reyes and Wright had a tough night. You could see the pressure on David Wright’s face before he stranded 3 men on base–and the extreme frustration afterwards. But you know what? Not even David Wright is going to grand-slam every time he gets the chance. And did we really believe that Reyes was never going to cool off? He’s had a hot streak that gives new meaning to caliente, and what kind of heart and dedication does it take to come back into the game after a blow like that? Many, many kudos to Jose Reyes for sticking it out. According to the New York Times, he said: "I don’t know if I’m going to feel sore tomorrow, but right now I feel good." I think I speak for us all when I exclaim: Phew! But still, I’m waiting for the update.

What else did we learn? Well, the boyfriend and I feel that Lastings just isn’t ready for the majors. Yes, he’s talented. Yes, he’s the future. But have you been watching the games lately? Other teams are learning how to pitch to him, and he’s no stranger to rookie mistakes. The guy just needs some more games, some more at bats. He’ll get there. We’ve gotten into a groove, lately, of looking for the next young star. Reyes and Wright may have spoiled us. But luckily? With the strengths of our veterans, we can afford a couple of off days for the young’uns. (At least, if the pitching’s there, but more on that in a bit.)

Delgado, Beltran, Marrero–not so bad, right? Delgado’s home run especially impressed me. I’m still waiting for Cliffy to come back, though, because I think we’ve got greatness still to see.

Now, Soler. Oh, Soler. You’re going to be hearing a lot about "consistency" with this one. Two superb starts, two rotten, rotten ones. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what he does next. But where’s Banny? Still nursing the hammy? Remember Bannister? I thought he showed a lot of promise, and he looked like he was gonna come back there for a second–until he hopped back on the DL. The question remains whether he’s still injured, or whether he’s not in the rotation because we’ve got enough starters. And then there’s the other question, if he’s actually pretty healthy: Bannister, or Soler? I want to see more of Bannister–that much I know.

Okay, kids. Tonight’s the nail-biter. And I won’t even be able to watch it! I’ve got to head off to a magazine launch party. But I’ll be setting my DVR. Boston couldn’t wait to show Pedro the love, and how adorable was he? You could tell how touched our Pedro was. Now, Mets, can you actually get the guy a win? I think the boys are going to rally. They’re a bit more familiar with Fenway now, they’re hungry to redeem themselves. We’ll see how Reyes and Nady are faring after taking some blows, but it’s good to know that our team is strong enough for the rest of the line up to step to the plate and perform like crazy.

Let’s Go Mets!!





  1. raoul_oba@hotmail.com

    Come on, you got an 11.5 game lead in your division. Can’t you lay down for the next two and take it out on your next opponent, whoever that may be? 🙂

    Your cooperation would be appreciated. I’d like to see a repeat of the ’86 WS this post season. Only this time, when we put Ortiz at First Base, we will string some netting between his knees.

  2. Zoe

    Talk about laying down, when was the last time you won a World Series? And the last time we did? Our team’s so special this year. They deserve to go all the way!!

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