How I Became A Mets Fan. (And Why I Love Me Some Cliff Floyd.)

Cliff_2_2 I admit. I’m not your typical baseball fan. I get my rocks off by writing chick lit and blogging about beauty products. And as far as my own athletic prowess goes? Let’s just say I don’t throw like a girl. I throw like an infant. When I play catch with dogs, they just look at me and bark, "Come on, honey. Try a little."

But nonetheless, I passionately love the Mets. In the past two seasons, so far I’ve been to 20 games at Shea, and the team’s won 17 of them. See? I’m a lucky charm. 85% winning percentage!

I’m a lifelong New Yorker: Brooklyn born-and-bred, now living in Manhattan. But against all odds, my super-fandom began when the Mets had nearly the worst record in baseball. Picture it. July, 2003. Art Howe’s first season. Piazza out with a groin injury. Jason Phillips just not producing. Pretty much the team having trouble producing. Except, it seemed, for my soon to be favorite player in any sport ever: Cliff Floyd.

Aw, Cliff, you had me at first limp. You could barely walk with that Achilles’ heel injury, and yet you seemed to be the only Met who knew how to hit a ball. It was my first game at Shea, and The Boyfriend had chosen a Brewers game because–duh–we had to be able to beat the Brewers, right?

Yeah, shut up. July 28, 2003. The Mets got 2 whole runs, one of them Cliff’s, and watching him play just touched me. On base, every time someone fouled, he’d have to run, and you could see how much it hurt him. When everyone else had returned to the dugout, Cliff would still be limping across the field. But man, he could hit. And even more impressive? He was there. When the team needed him, when their star, Piazza, was down for the count, Cliff said: Hey, I’m your man. The man’s got so much heart, there’s some to spare.

And Cliff? He spreads it around! He’s a lynch pin of the current team, mentoring the young stars, defining the team’s now famous comradery. As Ben Shpigel wrote in the New York Times, "Floyd rarely makes it from the clubhouse door to his locker without punching Jose Reyes on the shoulder or cackling at David Wright’s wardrobe." Sure he’s got his cocky moments, but always earned and always funny! Funny man you are, Cliff! You go and wear your big diamond earrings and crocodile loafers all you want. Even when Cliff slumps, he does it in style. Cracking jokes that he wasn’t on TV so much because "They check your stats before they put you on."

Alright. I know you’re sneering at me now. The girl’s all heart, no numbers. But come on. Cliff’s last season was a dream, and I know he’s coming back strong. Plus, when he’s not hitting, he gives some great defense–whether an outfield assist or a great catch. He’s there to help the team. Period.

And as for next year? With Milledge waiting to stride up to the plate? Let’s not talk about that yet. Cliff’s value to the team is immeasurable, both on the field and off, and I’m excited to see what he’s gonna do when he gets off the DL. The man puts his all into it. And his all can be pretty **** fantastic.

I’ve got a lot more to say about this awesome team–and the whole Shea experience. I hope you’ll stick around with me to see it.





    Your right, Floyd is the heart of this team and certainly provided a reason to go out to Shea over the past 4 seasons. Great to see a new voice and I read PICK ME UP and loved it, even though I’m not a typical chick-lit reader. Looking foward to more!!


    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere, Zoë! I like that you even nailed the blue and orange in the text entry. Looking forward to more posts and hopefully a lot of people will check out your new book…congrats.


  3. Bobby

    Welcome! I currently live in Binghamton, NY where I get to see the BMets play and have been lucky enough to see the likes of Scott Kazmir(Bad trade Mets), David Wright and Lastings Milledge. I had front row tickets last year to see Lastings go 4-5 and show off his speed. Being a Marlins fan, I don’t like the Mets as an organization but I do like just about every player on the team. I mean, how can I not. Former Marlins, Carlos Delgado, Paul LoDuca, Cliff Floyd, Ramon Catro and **** the great Darren Oliver are actually carrying the team, sans Oliver.

    Looks like the Mets will be the first team to overthrow the mighty Braves as division winners in a long time, but remember, during that stretch there was a certain team that took the wildcard and when on to win the World Series TWICE…who can that be? The team is playing well and probably has the best shot at winning it all since 1986, and I wouldn’t be too upset about it.

    Good luck the rest of the way. Go Fish!


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